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(private, progressive Burning Crusade Realm by Warmane, with x1 rates)

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50 Gold
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75 Gold
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Update: 21st September 2021: Medivh was merged with Outland long time ago. We are providing services for Retail TBC Classic Gold now, as well services like New World MMORPG Coins for the Amazon Games MMO.

Medivh is the new, 2nd Warmane TBC realm to be released shortly after the initial success of Outland TBC. Our website was launched to offer the Warmane TBC community dedicated store for all of their gold, accounts & powerleveling needs. Burning Crusade realms are HOT right down - in fact, Warmane's Outland and Medivh are literary the best ones in existence at the moment, as there wasn't any quality TBC realm for long period on the private WoW servers scene.

Our website is part of the V7, a huge gaming network focused on providing premium services for all major private World of Warcraft servers. We are here since 2014 and know the tricks of the trade inside out - our gold is hand-farmed by our partners enabling us to provide you with boosts with 100% safety, as our main priority. Sure, you may see some competitors trying to copy us elsewhere, but on every realm we follow our main principles: lend a hand to our customers for proper compensation without breaking the game mechanics or economies. This has enabled us to thrive and remain the #1 gold & accounts provider for all private WoW servers, from Elysium, Kronos, Lordaeron, Icecrown, Dalaran, Feenix's Nemesis, Archangel, Atlantiss and recently Outland.

If you are a gold farmer on Medivh and want to join our network, please take a look at this page. If you are buying gold for the first time, you can see how things work here.

FAQ - for using MedivhGold's services

1. How fast will i receive the gold?

- As Fast As Possible. We do our best to deliver within few minutes of receiving your order, as we know that you want to have your gold as soon as possible. However, if it's sleep time for us or our team is AFK, it can take up to several hours. Gold is always delivered, no exceptions here.

2. Is the Medivh gold pricing balanced?

- Yes, considering it is a fresh TBC realm with x1 rates. While other realms like Outland may see faster decrease in price, it is because of the different leveling rates. x1 realms are in general, Blizzlike, and on legacy servers like Vanilla and TBC it does take a lot of effort to farm even a small amount of gold.

3. Is it safe to trade gold on Warmane's Medivh?

- As stated above, we are lending a hand without breaking the game mechanics and economy. Our years old experience and large network allows us to know all safety tips and with multiple precautions taken, we can guarantee 100% safe delivery to you, without compromising your accounts and characters.

4. Do you have a Refund Policy in place?

- Due to previous experiences with scam artists, refunds are only provided if we fail to deliver the purchased gold to you within 24 hours. If we fail to make a delivery, just send us an e-mail requesting your refund, we will do our best to service you immediately.

MedivhGold Client Reviews

25g traded in Stormwind

Shane Warner shaynie***** (29th May 2017)

Just to say thanks for the delivery of the 25g i bought. It was traded to me in Stormwind about 10 minutes after buying it.

gold for first mount

Adam Polshchikov ryder3**** (28th May 2017)

Giddy up.. bought gold for my first mount, to lazy to farm it

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Email: Skype: Vision7Gaming (Gold & Leveling Services for Private WoW Servers)

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